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기본형 셀프록크형 KPG-11 KPG-13.5 KPG-16 KPG-21 KPG-25 KPG-36 KPG-42 KPG-48 KPG-7S KPG-9S KPG-11S KPG-13.5S KPG-16S KPG-21S KPG-29S KPG-36S KPG-42S KPG-48S
1. Material : Nylon PA66

2. Standard Pich : PG

3. Working temperature : In static -40℃~100℃ In dynamic state -20℃~80℃

4. Charateristic :
   Clamping die, Sealing nut applicable for vibrating machine. Large range in clamping the cable,
    High ability to resist waterproof dustproof, and salt, acid, alkali and general solvent.

5. Color :
   Standard type - Light gray
   Self-locking type - Gray, Black, White
   * White color is available for only 7S,9S,11S,13.5S,16S,21S.
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