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KDP 커넥터형 7핀 8핀 KDP기본형 7핀 8핀

Step angle 12 30˚
24 15˚
Code A Complement binary code
B Real binary code
G Real gray code
Pin number None 7pin
F 8pin
Terminal type None Standard type
C Connector type

1. Complete sealing structure
   Completely sealed and has excellent resistance to oil and water.

2. Minimum wiring
   While multi-stage rotary switch combines the code in
   a complicated wiring, our wiring is simplified and connect
   the connector by using digital code system.

3. Simple change of setting value
   Setting value can be changed simply in SELF-TAPPING.

4. Adopt contact point made of gold
   Maintain stable friction resistance with double slide contact point
   and have high reliability.

5. Type of code
   3 Code type : complement binary, real binary, Real gray code,
   Available angles in 2 types: 15°, 30°

6. Prevent wrong signal
   Inhibit terminal or parity terminal are set depending on the code.

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