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원형 빗살형 슬림빗살형 씰링형

Size 90 Mini
120 Small
M120 Small(sus filter)
150 Medium
200 Large
250 Extra large
Type None Standard type
S Slim type
Option None Comb pattern
1 Round patten
M Metal

* Material : Flame Retardant ABS(LG AF303S-18061)

Size 120 Small
150 Medium
200 Large
320 X-Large(XL)
WM 팬부착형

* Flame Retardant ABS(D-1200)

1. This product is made into injection molding case with
   comb patten therefore external is refined and light.

2. Filter can be reused several times after it is shaken
   off in a neutral detergent or compressed air.

3. The surrounding temperature while in use -10℃
   ~+70℃, which includes extreme conditions.

4. The duct structure is designed between the case and
   the filter, allowing for the wide absorption of fine dust.

Oid filter is filed with oily dusts, therefore it should be put
in lukewarm water for 10 minutes with a neutral detergent
by 95:5 ratio. Then wached in water and natural dry before use.

1. The filter must be cleaned reguarly and replaced with a new one when the pollution of filter is serious.
2. You need to maintain the surrounding environment as clean as possible to prvent the inside from being polluted.

※ KFC-120and KFC-120S side of the thickness difference.

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