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다이캐스팅 기본형 기본형안전커버형 록크형 방수형 안전레바형 PVC 플라스틱

Body size None Large diecasting
D Medium diecasting
ED Small diecasting
M Large plastic
S Medium plastic
E Small plastic
H Small diecasting(only 201)
B Diecasting round type
1 1EA
2 2EA
3 3EA
Wiring hole 0 1EA Diecasting large
models only
2 2EA
Contact point 1 1a1b
*Except for lock type(1a)
2 2a2b
Type P Safety cover type
R Lock type
W Waterproof type
L Wire type
S Safety lever type
D Safety cover solid bottom type

1. It's in foot switch micro switch approved by the UL/CAS
   International standards assures safety.

2. In case of wiring you can promote safety from out side
   impacts by using the flexible tube.

3. It's contact point capacity is great and it's response
   speed is fast, thus assuring longer life.

4. There are safety cover types and safety lever type for
   safety on the shop floor.

Allowable current 125VAC/16A, 250VAC/8A 6VDC/1A
Average life span Mechanical 50.000,000 times or more Z100,000
Micro switch OMRON V-16-IC25 BY OMI(UL/CSA)
* Customizing to other micro switch is possibly by order.

Machine tools, Presses machines, shearing machines,
Bending machines, machines, Woodworking welders,
Automatic machines.

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