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기본형 탱크형 절삭유형 KOD-55K KOD-105K KOD-205K KOD-305K KOD-505K KOD-35KT KOD-55KT KOD-105KT KOD-205KT KOD-305KT KOD-55KC KOD-105KC KOD-205KC KOD-305KC

3 0.3 Kw
5 0.5 Kw
10 0.75 Kw
20 1.5 Kw
30 2.2 Kw
50 3.75 Kw
Natation 5 Model number
Temp control None Room temperature tuned type
K Temperature fixed type
Type None Standard type
T Tank type
C Cutting oil type

1. Compulsory cooling system
The systerm adopting three phase cooling machine
makes high efficient.
2. Automatic temperature control system
It's easy to change the temperature.
3. Built-in individual oil cooler pump
It realizes low noise level.
4. Various models
Many chances to choose.
5. Compact design
It's convenient to install and use.

1. Many-sided machining centers.
2. Hydraulic machinery for industry.
3. System uses various coolant.
   (injection molding, electric discharge processor,
   hydraulic press, etc.)
4. Manufacturing machines and automation equipments.

OIL COOLER controls oil temperature of operating oil, lubricating oil, etc. using the freezer according to changes in room temperature or machine temperature, prevents thermal deformation of the machine, and improves precision of processing.

1. It's limited both of room temperature and fluid temperature because of refrigerating machine.
   (please check the range in the diagram below)
2. The range of adjusting the temperature is indicated. "-10℃~ +10℃" :
   The difference between the room temperature and the fluid temperature.
    For example the room temp:20℃, you can set the fluid temperature : 10℃~30℃
3. Please install circuit breaker for main power.
(Please refer to the specification)

- Kcal/h : Unit of heat quantity required to change 1Kg
               of water by 1℃ in 1 hour.
- BTU/h : Unit of heat quantity required to change 1LB
               of water by 1℉ in 1 hour

1Kcal : 3.986 BTU
1BUT : 0.252 Kcal
1RT : 3320 Kcal/h
1Kw : 860 Kcal/h
1Hp : 632 Kcal/h

- Q = CP × r × Vs × △t
- Q = Heat quantity (Kcal/h)
- Cp = Specific heat of oil Kcal/kg℃
- r = Specific weight Kg/ ㎥(876)
- Vs = Flow rate(㎥/h)
- △t = Temperature ℃ (Inlet-Outlet)

- indicates the range of the usability.
- For example:The hydraulic fluid is 30~35℃ degrees.
  ◎ Indicates the maximum capacity of the cooling capacity.

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