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기본형 기본형300 기본형600 터미널박스형 터미널박스형300 터미널박스형300 터미널박스형600 커버형 커버형351MC 커버형601MC 커버형301SC 커버형601SC 대형 대형1002 대형2002 TUB커버형300PT TUB커버형300PT TUB커버형300WT TUB커버형600WT 디스크 디스크형 디스크형 디스크형 튜브 튜브형 튜브형 튜브형

Belt width 3 25mm
6 65mm
10 100mm
20 200mm
Tube diameter(Ø) T6 Ø6

Belt length


  25mm 65mm
0 263mm 313mm
5 357mm 448mm
6 568mm 553mm
7 683mm 668mm

Belt length


  100mm 200mm
1 313mm
3 370mm
5 437mm

Tube length

130 130mm
160 160mm
200 200mm
OIL Drain Direction 0 A
1 B
2 C
Belt & Tube None viton tube
S Urethane belt
M Stainless belt
(Possible only 350mm, 600mm)
For Washers (temperature of 70°C)
Belt & MotorNone Plastic motor cover
C Belt cover
B Motor terminal box
CB Belt cover + Motor terminal box
PT Plastic TUB cover
WT Steel TUB cover
Available voltage 1 1m
2 2m
3 3m
4 4m
5 5m
Available voltage 1 Single phase AC 110V
2 Single phase AC 220V
Connect type A Plug (110V)
B Plug (220V)
C 3pin Plug
D Connect
E Elbow Connect

* Product using temperature : 20~30℃
* Long-term use in high temperature, the belt and the tube can be deformed.
* for tube oil skimmer
* M-Stainless belt is applicable for KOS-351□C, KOS-601□C only.

OIL SKIMMER is usually used to remove the floating non-
aqueous oil. it is applied extensively to lubricating oil, motor oil,
machine oil, machine operating oil and the other liquid oils.

Using corrosion resisting and crash-worthy belt,
it can remove the oil continuously regardless of changes of the liquid level.

Floating oils in the coolant, Heat treatment equopments,
and Coating plants, Grinders, Machining centers, CNC lathes, etc.

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