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Button type None Projecting type(small)
B Projecting type(large)
U Panel type
Electric current None AC 250V 8A
S AC 250V 5A
Panel cutting size 10 10Ø
12 12Ø
16 16Ø
22 22Ø
25 25Ø
Contact point None 1a1b
2 2a2b
Color R Red
G Green
Y Yellow
B Blue
W White

1. You can adjust the height of the button according
   to purpose.

2. it was designed in the way that the projecting
   part of the button would fit all kinds of
   small furnaces and control boxes.

3. The body of product is solid as the injection
   product through diecasting.

4. The operating part is injection-made of acryl mixed
   resin, being highly clear and providing a wide range of
   choices of colors from red, green and yellow
   to white, blue.

5. The fixed nuts are processed with dranum, promote
   the grade of the product.

- Office devices
- Various measurement control machines
- Industrial automatic control machines
- Small portable CONTROL BOX
- Automatic machines

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