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 단상형  단자타입  리드타입 단상찰넬타입 삼상형 단자타입  리드타입  삼상 찬넬형  찬넬마그네트일체형  삼상찬넬형

Phase None Single phase
3 Three phase
Voltage None Low voltage (110/220V)
H High voltage (380/440V)
Terminal None Wire type
T Magnet coil terminal type
M Channel internal magnet type
C Channel type
Condenser 10 0.1㎌
20 0.2㎌
30 0.3㎌
50 0.47㎌
Resistance 270 27Ω
330 33Ω
500 50Ω
201 200Ω
501 500Ω
501 500Ω
501 500Ω
501 500Ω
Option 4 Single phase x 4

 It's often the case to use the electronic machine parts when transforming the electrical system into the machinery system of a device.
In this case, the inductance of the coil creates the pulse counter voltage of high energy.

 Let's suppose the case in which the contact point of circuit switches on and off. If there's voltage involved in the contact point, there is current when the contact point is closed.
When it's open, the counter electromotive force of inductance creates voltage along with sparks, glows and ARC.
In addition, the vibration of high frequency will potentially interfere with the electronic circuit.

 Due to the sparks, the contact points get to be exhausted, transformed or desposited, the increased oxidative contact resistance on the surface and contact defects will reduce the life.
The circuit inserted between the contact points in order to prevent sparks is called the spark quench circuit, and it's parts are called SPARK KILLER.

1. It has a great durability of overload.

2. The effects of chattering and contact point vlbration
   on the surge voltage are huge.

3. It's effects on exterior surge voltage are great.

4. Since it's impedance against the high counter frequency is very small,
   it can control the high frequency noise of low levels.

5. It protects SCR and SSR and Improves dv/dt,
   contributing to having the CR time constant.

- Various electric circuits for opening and closing
- Machine tools
- Automatic machines

When high frequency power is input to the spark killer Due to the high heat from the resistor by conduction phenomenon of the capacitor in the CR circuit Temperature increase of the spark killer in use , so a spark can occur or more or less so that the killer 5℃ We should use and inspection is essential.

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