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● SPD [Surge protective device]

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1. As the compact size, it is endured big surge.

2. Can be directly installed at the distribution panel.

3. Excellent reponse without delay in opreation
   to abrupt surge.

4. Low clamping voltage to get definite protection effects.

5. Service life is not vaild in excessive surge.

1. Endurance of surge.
2. Protect rallway signal device.
3. Protect the broadcasting relay station
4. Lightening surge meaure for water facility.
5. Protect communication instrumentation and controling device.
6. Protect automatic control device of distribution cord.
7. Escalator, elevator Control panel protection.
8. Input low voltage, distributing box Used in the main
   incoming power supply.
9. UPS input/ out put, CCTV, DCS, PLC. SCADA.
10. VMS electronic display, SERVICE ENTERANCE.
11. Used in train, subway network, communication base stations.
12. Used in manufacturing machine, industrial computer panel.
13. Fence detection system power, solar power system.
14. Use in farm, department store, playgrounds, bank, hospital,
   manufacturing plant, Museum, telegraph telephone company,
   power plant, oil refinery plant.
   Petrol station, chemical plants, nuclear powered plants.

KB type-2Y
Single phase+E
KB type-3Y(Class 2)
Three phase+E
KB type-3Y(Class 3)
Three phase+E
KB type-4Y
Three phase+N+E

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